Friday, September 2, 2011

Mission Improbable

First blog posts are a pain.

At best they offer immediate insight and understanding of one subject's experience.

At their worst (and most often), they come off as poorly worded, excruciatingly vague mission statements like the ones posted on bronze plaques in your high school guidance counselor's office.

So I'll get on with it.

I'm Patrick.

I have been married to my best friend for just over a year who just so happened to prod me into blogging again. Her name is Brittany and just this week she delivered a beautiful baby boy named Levon into our lives. So we are bushwacking through the wilderness of first time parenthood.

Levon Patrick Alan Jury
Me and Brit (phone camera photo)

I am in the first week of my 3 week paternity leave from work. Me and Brit have been taking it easy with the new little guy in tow. Brit has been awake most nights feeding and changing Levon every so often. We have been homebodies, playing with the animals and sitting out on our porch. I have had the pleasure of getting to do most of the cooking lately which is a nice change.

We also have 2 dogs, Gaucho and Happy, plus 2 cats Aja and Ruby.

So back to that lame mission statement...

I will most likely be blogging about our day to day lives with our baby as well as other topics of interest to me. Including but not limited to: music production, obscure electronica and rock, computer science, technology, gadgetry, new fangled mechanations, cooking, and possibly Ronald Reagan and the band Yes.
So there was the terrible mission statement, far worse than even I had expected honestly. But you can;t uncrap a turd, you just have to flush or polish it.


  1. I'm following youuuuuuuuuuuuu!! /endcreepyvoice

    "So we are bushwacking through the wilderness of first time parenthood."
    ^I love that!!