Saturday, September 17, 2011

Stop Barking you Furry Jackass

So I can't go into our bedroom right now or Happy will start barking her little head off at the CMP guy outside switching our meters over. I guess they are switching them out to the new digital kind or something.

I drank exactly one pint of whiskey last night and found myself on the couch this morning. Generally, waking up on the couch means that i got kicked out of the bedroom for some reason. This time i think i may have just not made it to bed and my wifey left me there. As always though, I could be wrong. We'll see when Brit wakes up and tells me the whole story.

Anyway, i felt absolutely fine after finishing my beverages last night and then all of a sudden my memory of the evening drops out completely. I guess it WAS my intention to catch a nice buzz, but I didn't think a blackout would ensue.

In any case, now I'm just waiting for Brit to wake up and fill me in on what kind of an ass I made of myself.

1 comment:

  1. You didn't make too much of an ass of yourself, don't worry!